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Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) Drafts for Menu Page

main screen-01-1_sketch

main screen-01-2_sketch

main screen-01-3_sketch

main screen-02_sketch

main screen-02-2_sketch

main screen-03-1_sketch

main screen-03-2_sketch

main screen-03-3_sketch

main screen-04_sketch

main screen-04-2_sketch – Meet Our Team


Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) Official launch

Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) Official launch is scheduled for October 16th 2014 for both platforms (iOS & Android).
Slender Man Origins II

Slender Man Origins 3 (Abandoned School) is in development.

Slender Man Origins 3 (Abandoned School) is in development. Check out a new draft of game’s screenshot. Please post in comments what do you think of it. All reposts and likes are very welcome.

Slender Man Origins III

Shoot’em up game

For your information, we’re also working on an amazing! It’s already in late stages of development, and looks really great! Check out some screenshots yourself!

Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.14.53
Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.32.56
Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.33.31
Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.37.19
Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.48.51

Funny video

We would like to share our good mood about upcoming weekend!
We test our Slender Man Origins 3 first location by this funny way.